What Professionals Are Saying

We love hearing feedback from not only parents, but also medical professionals of how our product can help parents and their littles! Check out what the pros are saying! Some have even bought them for their own babies!

Robyn W, Registered Nurse

I got to see this particular baby gear in action and it works!!! Its the cozy hug that a baby needs to mimic the womb, yet keeps a baby on their back to learn great habits from the start! Go check it our and order one for your pregnant friends and family

Sarah B, Registered Nurse

Sarah Beth Emergency Room RN- The Head N Wedge TM product helps infants to stay safer on their back. As a pediatric ER nurse I, unfortunately, have lost count of how many babies that I have done CPR/coded or taken part of an unsuccessful resuscitation attempt after a baby was found dead after co-sleeping with a parent, or suffocated in crib due to unsafe sleeping conditions. As defenders of childhood it is our responsibility to educate parents about the ABCs of safe sleep. Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib. Her product really supports all of the above and helps with Plagiocephaly. Please check it out.

Fernando E, Physician Assistant

We have been using this product since my baby was 2 days old. My wife would nurse him every 2 to 3 hours, and as soon as she was done, it was very easy to place her in this product, so she could do some other things around the house. She was so comfortable in the product. It's extra soft and breathable. She is now 6 weeks old, and we are still using the product every day. Her head shape looks great and has continued to stay round. I also really love that the product is adjustable. What a blessing and life saver this product is. Every baby and mom needs this handy product.